A Survival Guide for the Prosumer Revolution: Seven Initiatives Every Energy Company Should Take

Electricity consumers are not what they used to be. Today, they are active prosumers, who can produce, store and consume energy, posing significant challenges for energy companies. 

In this guide, Joakim Sveli gives you an overview of the most pressing challenges regarding the prosumer revolution – and how to handle them.


  1. Prosumers: A Problem or a Possibility?
  2. Step 1: Establish a Security and Privacy Mindset
  3. Step 2: Ensure End User Engagement
  4. Step 3: Segment Your Customer Base
  5. Step 4: Implement Basic Load Management
  6. Step 5: Implement Advanced Load Management
  7. Step 5: Managing Loads
  8. Step 6: Introducing the Market
  9. Survive the Prosumer Revolution With the Right System Platform

About the author: 

Joakim-Sveli.jpgJoakim Sveli is CEO at Smartliv, a subsidiary of eSmart Systems. He is an experienced professional working with several issues within the environmental, climate and energy field from the perspective of a consultant, civil servant and in the private sector. Joakim was previously Business Manager at eSmart Systems. 

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