Thundercloud: Unleashing the Power of End-to-End Drone Operations in Power Line Inspections

Drone technology, advanced sensor technology, Big Data, and artificial intelligence bear the promise of significant improvement opportunities for utilities. 

In this 11 page long e-book we'll walk you through how drone technology may combat inefficiencies, improve safety, and become a powerful assistant for utility line workers. We also discuss what technologies and strategies are needed to unlock the benefits, before revealing how the eSmart Systems Thundercloud toolset leverages intelligent Asset Performance Management (iAPM), mobile field support, and smart drones to help utilities reduce outage costs and radically improve existing power line inspection methods. 


  1. Drone Technology Opportunities for Utility Power Line Inspections
  2. End-to-End Power Line Inspections and Maintenance Requirements
  3. Thundercloud: Optimizing the Drone Operations Value Chain

About the author:


Tore is Chief Product Officer at eSmart Systems. He has 18 years of experience from Project & Risk Management for a wide range of companies. Tore has also designed and lead the development of numerous IT-systems. Prior to joining eSmart and leading the Connected Drone program, he spent seven years with Metier, two years in CA and six years in IBM/ConCrea.


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